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Blowing my own trumpet

We can’t all be good at everything, can we?


I’m rubbish at being an entrepreneur, a scientist, a luxury travel agent… The list of things I can’t do is endless.


But my clients are great at those things. Instead, they’re rubbish at spelling and grammar and feel a bit freaked out when faced with a big blank page to put words on or a huge body of text to cut back and turn into something lovely to read.


But that’s ok, because I’m brilliant at that.

If you’re really good at something but just need someone good with words to help you get your message across, maybe we can talk. Here’s where I might be able to save you a headache…



You might just want a few paragraphs for a brochure or press release putting together at short notice, or you could be looking for someone to write all the copy for your website. I’ve even written mini eBooks for one client.


Whatever size and shape you want your words in, I can help you find the best words and put them in the right order.


We’ll have a quick chat about your budget, I’ll send you through some ideas and, if you like them, you can let me know and in a few minutes, hours or days, your copy will drop into your inbox.

Here are some of the companies I have written advertorial copy and marketing materials for:

Marks and Spencer






Maverick Arts Publishing

Cow & Gate


Firefly Collection


Copy editing

If you’ve already written your copy and just want someone to give it a thorough going-over, checking spelling, grammar, punctuation and all the little things that make a big difference, you might simply want a copy edit. Send me a word count and I’ll give you a price for it there and then.

I have a first class honours degree in English, have 15 years’ experience as a sub editor on national magazines and newspapers and, most importantly, am a dreadful pedant. Your copy will come back to you improved, chastened and sorry it ever gave you any trouble in the first place.

My basic rates for copy writing and editing are £150 a day but I'm always happy to discuss hourly rates or work out something for your particular budget.

Copy editing

Sub editing

Hi there, chief subs! Thanks for finding me here. In my spare time, *laughs hollowly*, I work as a freelance sub.


Here are just a few of the magazines I freelance on regularly.

In my previous life, I was Chief Sub Editor on House Beautiful for seven years, and before that I chief subbed on Real People and Prima Baby. Before that, there was no electric lighting so it was tricky to record it all accurately, but I subbed at a lot of other magazines. If you’d like a full CV please just drop me a line. 

I’m available for full weeks or just odd days. In fact, I quite like ‘just odd days’ so it’s always worth giving me a call at short notice.

Sub editing

Social media management

Social media was invented to be fun, but when you don’t have the time or the inclination for it, it can feel pretty tedious.


I ran the Twitter account for House Beautiful for several months while I worked on the magazine, and am happy to take on responsibility for keeping your business’s Facebook and Twitter accounts fresh and exciting.


Whether you need someone to just stick their head round the door of your social media on a daily basis and check there are no problems, or tweets sending every couple of hours, we can work with your budget to find a solution.

Social media management
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